"Being a farmer is the best choice I have ever made."

Farmer Jeff

Farmer Jeff


is a 32 year old farmer who has chosen to leave a former career as a Financial Adviser to pursue his dreams of becoming a sustainable Farmer. He has always been an entrepreneur and knew that in order to be happy he would have to do something important with his life, and sometimes that means doing things yourself.

He grew up in Vernon, BC and moved here to Kelowna in 2006 to pursue a job trading the stock market. It was an amazing experience and from there he moved on to banking and financial advising. After 7 years working in the financial world Farmer Jeff realized he was not happy with the corporate structure and needed to be a part of something that created positive change in his life and the lives of others. As a lifetime local he loves the Okanagan and wishes to be a part of protecting farmland and creating a sustainable future for small and medium scale agriculture. He currently sits on the Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC) for the City of Kelowna as well as on the board for the Central Okanagan Food Policy Council (COFPC) in hopes of assisting with policy and decision making for Agricultural land in Kelowna.

His plans are to continue growing the farm operation while maximizing efficiency in order to create a sustainable template for other farms to duplicate an implement. This will help create a strong local food system while providing rewarding careers.

Inspired by

many life experiences he has decided to take his true passions and make them a reality. Not only is Farmer Jeff passionate about farming, but he truly cares about everything to do with sustainability. In his spare time you can find him researching such things as electric vehicles or even green energy production in hopes of integrating them into his farm. The ultimate goal is to create a totally self-sustaining farm that sets the standard in efficiency.

His passion for innovation has led him to start him to start his own farming tool business aimed providing efficient tools for small and medium scale farms. You can check out his new project at farmlifetools.com

Becoming a farmer

has been the best life choice Farmer Jeff has ever made. It has truly given him a career to be proud of, something that he can feel good about at the end of the day. It has helped to improve his physical health and also improved the health of the relationship with his family. His parents, sister, niece and nephew have all help out and not only have they fallen in love with the farm, but that time spent together working on something has brought them that much closer as family. This strengthening has inspired Farmer Jeff and he hopes others can share this experience too. Farming is such an essential part of society and it is so important to ensure that everyone in the community has access to one for whatever reason it may be. Farms not only feed people, but they can educate and inspire as well.