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Our Strawberries are a mix of varieties including 3 that produce giant strawberries for a short period in June and 2 varieties that produce medium sized berries all Summer long! We sell our berries the day they are picked and they come in flats that weigh approximately 8-9 lbs each. We will contact you either a few days prior to pick or the day of and if you are unavailable we will just call you on the next pick. This allows us to offer the freshest, highest quality berries we can offer and due to the vigorous growing nature combined with unexpected weather it can be difficult to know when your order will be ready. We are predicting a bountiful season so be prepared to enjoy a lot of delicious Strawberries!
Jamming grade strawberries are berries that have been picked during rainy periods and may have imperfections. While they may not appear attractive and they will not store well, they are perfect for processing into jams or other goods.