The Farm


IMG_20140615_112146Old Meadows Organic Farm

is a certified organic farm and market located at 4213 Gordon Dr. Kelowna, B.C. right next to the H2O Center and Capital News Center. Our farm is situated on a gorgeous 3.5 acre parcel on the Thomson Heritage farm, the roots of which extend back over 100 years of farming on this land.

The soil is something out of a farmer’s dream all thanks to the historic floodplains that have naturally deposited nutrients over countless generations giving us a pure foundation to grow our produce. We in turn respect this amazing farmland by adhering to the highest organic standards and farming practices to work in an everlasting partnership with nature.


Our Mission Statement


At Old Meadows Organic Farm we aim to provide the community with the highest quality food that is grown using the most sustainable practices. Our ultimate goal is to be a self-sustaining farm that requires little to no inputs in order to function. By using a balanced approach we will be able to produce enough food to feed the local community while actually improving the land we farm on. We believe that it is up to us farmers to lead the way in sustainable practices and we hope to inspire other to do the same.


Our Process


photo:darrehull.comWe believe in a full-circle holistic approach at our farm. To us growing food is more than just planting seeds and applying water and fertilizer. We understand that nature is a complex system. The plant has a direct relationship with the soil it is growing in and without healthy soil the plant will not grow to its full potential. As farmers we also fit into this relationship and it is important that we play a responsible role.

We incorporate many different practices based on Farmer Jeff’s approach to sustainable farming. Our practices have been modeled after many different types of farming in a way that suits the land we farm on, the produce we grow, and the values we hold. We believe in growing the safest food possible and for that reason we have chosen to farm organically.

We are Certified Organic and that means we take every step necessary to ensure that our community can enjoy the best produce possible. We are Anti-GMO and we do not use harmful pesticides or herbicides on our farm. You can rest assured knowing that the food we grow is as natural as can be and we follow strict guidelines as to how our food is grown. We are certified by PACS